Monday, 8 September 2014

mostly been sent to Canada and not painting anything...

Well as the title says I've been sent to Canada with work until November at the earliest, so there probably wont be a great deal of painting going on for the next few month at least.  but fear not I managed to finish my bolt action Germans before leaving so here they are.

As I mention last time I used the army painter system for this army so it was painted in super-fast time and very little effort, I'm happy with the results and I think they are at a good table top standard, are they as good as I could have made them if I had painted them as normal? probably not but considering these took about 4-5 evenings to paint and base in total I'm happy with the trade off and will definately paint this way again.

As for gaming I attended the york garrison summer solstice and had a great time playing against some good people. i got hammered on the battlefield but did manage to pick up the best painted award which was a great cherry on a great weekend of gaming.

as always I forgot to take photos for most of the games but these things cant be helped in the heat of battle, I'll try harder next time. This was the first time ever taking a battle company to a tourney and some lessons were learnt and hopefully with a few weapons changes and a change of battle plan more success will be forthcoming at the Caledonian uprising in January 2015. 

We also managed to squeeze a game of bolt action in before I left against my good friend Bennett Morley of damn dice blog fame.  Good fun was had and the game it's self is better than anything I've played in ages but thanks to my crap dice it was victory to the allies and defeat to my glorious Reich, but there was a rather amusing episode where my veteran troops managed to fail an orders test and fubar twice in a row proceeding to "brass up" a nearby friendly infantry section in a blue on blue moment, to the point where it became ineffective due to casualties almost broke and ran which pretty much sealed my fate.

 Bennett's tank crosses my line of ambush and explodes
 (probably the only high point of the German effort)

Any way that's all for now back to the plains of Alberta to play with 1:1 tanks and infantry, while my painting is at a stop my buying continues via ebay and the very good Element games web store, so there will be lots to paint when I eventually get home.

Oh and my paint station got a nice revamp for the new house.

Be back soon