Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mostly trying to start my blog up again

Well I've been back in the uk now for about two months but with the christmas season and what have you I've just not had the motivation to blog anything, but today I will make amends for my lax behaviour.

So what have I been up to? Well I've painted a bolt action army over Christmas, lots of random other stuff since returning and tourney wise just got back on Monday from Tim King's Caledonian Uprising 2015 40k tourney.  I believe at 180 tickets was the biggest 40k tournament we've seen in the UK for some time (if ever).

This year I even managed a very respectful 52nd place (which was my highest finish ever) and another best army nomination, there was no 2nd prize in the painting this year for me but the standard of armies was fantastic definitely the best yet.

Once again I had a great time and it's a testament to the great people who attended that even while I don't have the love for 40k that i once did I enjoyed every minute of it and will hopefully be back next year with a planned Squat army...

lastly I painted some more battlemechs and a 6X4 gaming table (and a few hero quest figures too but they will have to wait for another day) all in all its been a busy couple of months.

Cally 2015 photos

The cally 15 Best Army Nominations

The fantastic winning necrons army

My new  6X4 game board from
not bad considering it only took 13 hours to assemble and paint

My new and finished British Bolt action army

The cat helped of course
I finally finished a "new Tyranid flyer"...also completed with the cats "help" 

I painted and converted a new RTB01 captain to lead my cally forces

Quonset huts too

After 28 years of gaming i once again started started painting heroquest models

 the mechs got a few new additions

And the RTB01 are almost finally finished (but not quite) after 3 years.

Any way as you can see I've been busy but hopefully the next blog wont take so long or be a big, there's a lot more photos I would like to have put in covering the process of painting both the RTB01 captain conversion and the bolt action british army,  but this blog is already big enough to sink the titanic so this will have to do for now.

Be back soon.