Thursday, 25 August 2016

been mostly painting more random stuff

Hi there I'm back again and I've been painting a few more bits and bobs over the last few weeks, I've made some progress on my dark angels stuff and finished off some more Nids for Aaron and made a start on a couple of more commissions.  

Added to this I have a few bits and bobs to finish for the No retreat SN Battle reports tourney in October if your eagle eyed you may see a few of them in the background of some of the below photos.

Nids all finished

More dark angels 

Cohern the barbarian diorama 

And work in progress table 

Any way that's all for now, be back soon 


Monday, 8 August 2016

not starting a new army honest...

Hello once more, after returning from Caledonian revolution (with my best ever painting result) I've decided to start painting a few of the models I had lying around the hobby cave for along time, this time I've decided to go for a small dark angels force.

I've had these models for a while now a lot of them were left over from old starter sets, i never likes the push fit stuff that much but after painting a few I've gained a new respect for them. 

while its early days yet painting the dark angels, it has been a welcome beak from the norm painting green space marines.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mostly been at Caledonian revolution

Well another Caledonian revolution is over and done with and once again it was a great event, while i didn't excite at the gaming table as expected loosing 3 of my games and winning 2 i did have 5 fantastically fun games (even playing 5 knights was quite fun).

where I did do well was by taking not 1 but 3 awards most sporting :) best single codex space marine general and last but not least for the first time i won the best army award.  I'm still not convinced that I deserved the award but every one else seemed to like the squats and I got a trophy so who am I to argue :)

here's all the best army nominations for you perusal . They are a bit out of order but I'm sure you will enjoy them any way.


my valiant opponents


Doug, I was wining 20-0 at the end of turn 5 but I still
managed to lose by the end of turn 6 curse him.

Jason and a very fluffy eldar army with war walkers and every thing

Gene 4 knights and a brace of librarians I managed to mishap almost every thing that deep struck.

Rhys who had a small army of 17 models but needed 4 codexs :) this game was all about who got turn one as once his librarains got going i would be stuffed

Mark had 5 knights and with some stompy fun turned my squats to squishes

A very big thanks to every one who voted for me.