Wednesday, 14 December 2016

mostly been painting Nids green

Well I'm just about ready to go home for Christmas so this may be my last blog of 2016, not been painting a lot of variety over the last month but have managed to update my Nid army for the up coming no retreat 4 tourney which is mid January 2017.  After my last effort with my space amrines I decided to go full cheese withteh nids so I've painted a few more nasty things to round of the list with a bit more mite thatn it used to have.  

Hope you like them, enjoy

As you can see from above i even managed to fit a practice game in against my mate shaggy's guard, here's looking forward to the new year.

Happy holidays 


Monday, 7 November 2016

mostly been finishing a few bits and bobs

well after the awesomeness that was SN Battle Reports No retreat 4 in Gibraltar where I finished a respectable 5th place I thought I would do a quick blog showing a few things I finished up before attending and the awesome armies that were in attendance.  


 a few things i finished my RTB01 Marines vindicators and devs and the last of Aaron's Nid commision

The armies and painting entries from NR4

Lastly a blast from the past, my old dark elf army from 26 years ago.

any way thanks for stopping bye hope you enjoyed the pics and see you in my next blog where I may have finished a few more of my own nids and maybe a Rogue trader warband for my friend Kevin.