Tuesday, 21 January 2014

mostly been to Caledonian Uprising 4

Well this last weekend I went to Caledonian uprising 4 run by Tim King in Stockport and by all accounts I had a whale of a time, not much success on the gaming front though (I finished bottom half way down in the 70's) but I did manage to pick up a tasty bit of glassware coming 2nd in the painting competition (very surprised, after only qualifying for best army when they raised the number of nominations from 10 to 14 and only slipping in as the 13th nomination).  The overall standard of the painting was really rather awesome and below I've put some shots of the armies on display over the weekend for folk to enjoy.

Once again I'm under no illusions that my army was really painted all that well, but people seemed to like the work and effort I put into collecting the old rogue trader marines and restoring them to their former glory, it looks like the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia carried me through where skill and talent would never have carried me once again... Enjoy.

The trophy 

My Marines 

Jeroen Janssen Guard 

Tim Smith Whitescars

Daniel Eatch Eldar

Michael Bolton  chaos marines

Duncan Brown Tau-necron

Phil Dobson BloodRavens (edit got it wrong)

Paul Scot Nurgle

Tom Adriany Demons

1st place Gary Marsh chaos marines

His greater Demon

Iain Miller Chaos marines

Geoff Hamilton Nurgle

John Swallows Tau

Well just so you can see my painting hasn't stopped here's the latest additions to the rogue marines, Captain Cheese Hammer(i had a problem with the spray undercoat so the finish is very rough but He'll do for now.

Next on the hit list 

Be back soon...