Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This week I've not been painting that much

Well this week I've not been painting that much but just to keep the blog going I'm posting a few shots of stuff I've finished this week and a few I've done a while ago, but the good news is some of them are squats...

Squats as scouts for my RTB01 army

Use of my really old paints to get a proper "pink" pink

A pre heresy Emperor's children marine I had intended to do aarmy of these but he's ended up as an objective marker for now.

One thing I have realised is my camera is  starting to fail and it's not focusing as well as it used to (one too many drops I think) so may have to look in to getting a new one.  

Well hope you liked the pics there will be no blog for a few weeks as I'm off away with work but painting will resume as soon as I get back, we may even see some more nids soon.

Bee back soon, Dave 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Three Rhinos for a tenner?

Well time I've just finished painting my last Mk1 Rhino, and while these may have coast 10 quid for 3 when new 20 years later and second hand from the E-bay they cost significantly more. They were all in pretty bad shape when I got them but after some TLC and a quick paint job I'm happy with the results.

Well thats all for this post but my RTB01 army is nearing completion now so I promise to post some better pictures of the whole lot once it's all done and dusted. 

Be Back soon Dave.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My first blog thingy

I've been playing with and painting wargames figures now for going on 25 years and while I'm not the greatest at either of these pass times I do gain a lot of enjoyment out the hobby.  I've decided to try and keep a blog of things that I'm painting so as to share my love of small lead and plastic models with the world.  with that in mind please enjoy my ramblings in the months to come and here's this weeks entry a converted RTB01 Chaplin balanced on a beer can.

Be back soon Dave.