Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This week I've not been painting that much

Well this week I've not been painting that much but just to keep the blog going I'm posting a few shots of stuff I've finished this week and a few I've done a while ago, but the good news is some of them are squats...

Squats as scouts for my RTB01 army

Use of my really old paints to get a proper "pink" pink

A pre heresy Emperor's children marine I had intended to do aarmy of these but he's ended up as an objective marker for now.

One thing I have realised is my camera is  starting to fail and it's not focusing as well as it used to (one too many drops I think) so may have to look in to getting a new one.  

Well hope you liked the pics there will be no blog for a few weeks as I'm off away with work but painting will resume as soon as I get back, we may even see some more nids soon.

Bee back soon, Dave