Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mostly bolt action

Well another change of pace for me, I've finally started to get my German Heer starter army started. For the first time I've decided to try the army painter system and I'm quite happy with the results.

Germans Assembled

Halfords grey spray undercoat 

Base colours done

Strong tone dip

Dry sprayed with the anti shine matt spray to remove the gloss finish

Based up with some army painter brown battle ground and a few swamp tufts to finish them off 20 more and I'm done. over all happy with the results and the whole process is a fair bit quicker than painting the regular way.

This month I also won my third ever 40k tournament at war torn in scarborough last weekend, a nice KR multicase for my troubles. great fun and some very nice games and some awesome scenery.  I think it's probably my last ever 6th edition tourney next stop is the 2 day summer solstice event at york garrison (tickets still currently available at

Last but not least here's some dragons painted by a 17 year old Dave almost 22 years ago in 1994

Anyway it's a busy month for me so may be a while until the next blog.

Be back soon