Monday, 23 June 2014

mostly been moving house

Well the last month has been spent moving house and so you can imagine painting has taken a back burner for the most part I have managed to paint a few things and play in a couple of tourneys, and after the lackluster effect 7th edition seems to have had on me I've also bought into a couple of new games systems(battletech and bolt action).  Well any way heres a few photos from my last month in gaming. 


My first house Davion Mechs 

Yorkshire open final 

My best army award from Yorkshire open (thanks guys)

Restricted access tourney at Sanctuary games.

My 1500 pts force 

Threes required...

(best army award went to the above army )

Next on the painting list a new (old) landraider redeemer  

Well that's all for now be back soon