Sunday, 16 February 2014

mostly been painting more marines for the company

Well I didn't qualify for the Yorkshire open at the Rage event but I did win best army again, so that's three out of three so I'm feeling pretty good about the army at the moment.  In a fit of mentality I've decided to expand the RTB01 army and paint a company of marines to take to next Caledonian uprising in Jan next year.  I think it's doable and its really motivating my painting, here's some more of the guys I've been working this past week or so.

Assault Marines

Some Tactical Marines

My Finished half company for the York open heat.

I think i have about 30 more to finish and I should be able to field a full company group at 1850pts with another 1000 points of extra stuff like armour and elites.

Be back soon