Saturday, 8 February 2014

been mostly getting ready for Rage at leeds...

Well been painting a few more things in my run up to the Royal Armouries Gaming Event (RAGE) Leeds heat of the York open, not much of it will end up in my army for Rage but getting ready for a tourney always inspires me to paint up a lot of new stuff. So here's the few things i done in the last few weeks.

Last thing finished was the MK1 Predator 

Next I've managed to finally finish the last of the vindicators

As I wasn't happy with the last Captain cheese hammer I made anew one on a jet bike 

Here he is finished 

Still not 100% happy but an improvement on last one on a bike I think.

Managed to bag a few more marines off E-bay and my Buddy Peter for the midtable obscurity Blog, at this rate I may end up with a full company

Any way wish me luck with tomorrow, I'll be back soon...