Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mostly been at Caledonian revolution

Well another Caledonian revolution is over and done with and once again it was a great event, while i didn't excite at the gaming table as expected loosing 3 of my games and winning 2 i did have 5 fantastically fun games (even playing 5 knights was quite fun).

where I did do well was by taking not 1 but 3 awards most sporting :) best single codex space marine general and last but not least for the first time i won the best army award.  I'm still not convinced that I deserved the award but every one else seemed to like the squats and I got a trophy so who am I to argue :)

here's all the best army nominations for you perusal . They are a bit out of order but I'm sure you will enjoy them any way.


my valiant opponents


Doug, I was wining 20-0 at the end of turn 5 but I still
managed to lose by the end of turn 6 curse him.

Jason and a very fluffy eldar army with war walkers and every thing

Gene 4 knights and a brace of librarians I managed to mishap almost every thing that deep struck.

Rhys who had a small army of 17 models but needed 4 codexs :) this game was all about who got turn one as once his librarains got going i would be stuffed

Mark had 5 knights and with some stompy fun turned my squats to squishes

A very big thanks to every one who voted for me.