Monday, 16 December 2013

mostly not been painting but gaming instead.

Well the painting has slowed down a bit as I've been playing games and attending tournaments. I managed to pick up a best army award at the Woking Weirdboyz 1850 at the start of the month and while this was generally unexpected it's given me hope that I'll get a nomination in January at my next tourney.  Trying to refine my list for Jans tourney has meant that rather than painting much new stuff I've been touching up and swapping arms on my rogue trader marines.  But here's some of teh stuff I have managed to put brush to model with...

freehand skulls 

A tyranid prime 

My nice best army trophy

Just finished a few Raveners so added in an edit 

more squats I'm slowly working on (Thrudd the barbarian too) 

That's it for now but more over xmas I hope 

Be back soon...